Window Films for Residential Use

Life-changing home upgrades for solar, safety and privacy benefits

SunTek offers a full array of innovative solar, security and specialty film solutions for better life at home. Our solar films are a modern, view-preserving alternative to window treatments. They improve the performance of glass by tempering the effects of the sun: helping to block UV rays and the heat, and creating a better environment for electronic screen use.

Available with and without solar benefits, our security films help discourage break-ins and reduce accidents by helping to hold broken glass fragments in place. Anti-graffiti film serves as a protective barrier on building surfaces, making post-vandalism cleanup a breeze with easy film removal.

Specialty films are suitable for privacy or decorative needs, with choices to fully or partially disguise views. Many of these products feature Designer Series Adhesive technology for installation ease and optical clarity, along with a manufacturer’s limited warranty.

SunTek Residential Window Film Options

Certain restrictions on warranty may apply depending on the film series chosen. Contact a SunTek dealer or us directly for details.


Reflective, Dual-Reflective, Sputtered and Neutral

Complement any architectural style or budget with solar film technology engineered to help reduce harsh glare, hot spots and sun fading.

Security Films

Clear Safety, Safety + Solar and Anti-Graffiti

Outsmart intruders, help reduce the severity of accidents, and thwart vandals with security-enhancing products designed to appear neutral or nearly invisible.

Specialty Films

White Matte, Black Out, White Out, Crystal and Low-ReflectiveDS™

SunTek specialty films range from subtle to dramatic, and can be used to decoratively enhance privacy.

SunTek® Safety and Security Window Film Demonstration

This video is a demonstration of how you can fortify glass by adding an extra layer of protection with SunTek 13mil Safety and Security window film. To learn more contact your SunTek us or your sales representative.

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